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Legal Hotline Live: New Forms

A review of the new changes to the Addendum to the Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement and Subject to Seller Securing Replacement Property Addendum.

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Legal Hotline Live: Repairs and Resolution of Due Diligence Issues

How to resolve due diligence items with the UAR Resolution of Due Diligence Addendum (1:35). Consequences of negotiating repairs outside the REPC (9:20). How to address repairs (11:39). Buyer remedies for unfinished repairs (15:45). Finalizing due diligence negotiations (21:40). Addressing if lender doesn’t want repairs in REPC (26:29).

Legal Hotline Live: Stigmatized Properties and Hotline Horror Stories

Learn about when a property is stigmatized and when sellers need to disclose issues like meth contamination. (1:23) Learn about problems with vague appraisal language in buyers’ offers (15:57). Learn about what happens if an accident occurs during a showing (19:28). Learn about the importance of meeting settlement deadlines (26:20).

My REALTOR Story: Eric

Eric saved thousands when he hired a REALTOR to represent him in the purchase of a new construction home.

My REALTOR Story: Cara

Cara saved time and hassle when she used a REALTOR to sell her home.

My REALTOR Story: Sagastumes

The Sagastumes ended up selling their home for more money than they would have on their own when they used a REALTOR.

My REALTOR Story: Doyle

Doyle was going to sell his home for $100,000 on his own but decided to hire a REALTOR who ended up selling it for $186,000.