Broker Sign-Up

UARHOF depends on broker participation to provide much-needed housing support to our communities.

How it Works

When you convert your trust account to an interest-bearing one, you contribute the interest earnings from your account to UARHOF. Once your account is set up, the bank will automatically sweep the interest from your account and distribute it to UARHOF.

Once enough money builds in the UARHOF account, UARHOF will distribute the funds as grants to local non-profits.

Enrollment Steps

  1. Download the Bank Account Setup Procedures form
  2. Take the form to your bank and ask them to add UARHOF as the interest beneficiary on your account
  3. After converting your account at your bank, complete and submit to UAR the following enrollment form:

Broker Sign Up Form

Important Information

  • Your account remains the same. The bank simply converts the account to an interest-bearing one and adds the UARHOF tax ID number as the interest beneficiary. The interest is sent to UARHOF.
  • You are not taxed on the account earnings because UARHOF is the interest beneficiary.
  • You retain full control of your account.
  • It is not necessary to reprint checks.
  • There are no additional accounting procedures to follow.
  • There is no cost to participate.

Participating Financial Institutions

  • Altabank
  • America First Credit Union – Contact: Bryce Drescher, (801) 215-3085
  • Bank of Utah
  • Brighton Bank – Contact: Michael Jensen, (801) 467-3009
  • Cache Valley Bank – Contact: Maggie Butterfield, (435) 753-3020 ex 4106
  • Capital Community Bank – Contact: Jory Norton, (801) 705-4364
  • Central Bank
  • Chase Bank – Contact: Michelle Carter, (801) 947-3326
  • Eastern Utah Community Credit Union
  • First Community Bank
  • First Utah Bank – Contact: Brian Hobbs, (801) 308-2225
  • Key Bank
  • Mountain America Credit Union
  • Prime Alliance Bank – Contact: Rob Leonard, (801) 797-5226
  • State Bank of Southern Utah
  • US Bank – Contact: Carol Steffens, (801) 733-2800
  • Wells Fargo Bank – Contact: Melissa Garrett (801) 273-2200
  • Zions Bank – Contact: Waruni Abayakoon, (801) 274-2900


If you have problems converting your account, please reach out to the following individuals:

  • Stan Spencer, UARHOF trustee: (801) 580-1798
  • Allison Call, UARHOF program manager: (801) 676-5200