What is RPAC?

Whether you like it or not, your ability to make a living as a REALTOR® is affected by the decisions made by government officials. That’s why the REALTORS® Political Action Committee raises voluntary funds from REALTORS® in order to elect public officials who understand the importance of homeownership and private property rights. The money is also used to battle legislation that would hurt REALTORS® or their clients.

For every dollar given, 70 cents remains in Utah to focus on state and local government while the other 30 percent goes to protect your interests at the national level. When you donate to RPAC, you give to a bipartisan organization that supports a pro-REALTOR® Congress and Legislature.

Reasons to Donate to RPAC

To prevent a sales tax on services

Nearly every year government officials propose a 6 or 7 percent tax on REALTOR® commissions. RPAC is constantly protecting you from such a law.

To protect against transfer taxes

A 5 percent transfer tax, which could not be financed into a mortgage, would cost $12,500 for a $250,000 house. This extra cost would prevent many would-be clients from becoming homeowners.

To keep mortgage interest benefits

If the mortgage interest deduction was eliminated, the average REALTOR® would lose more than $7,000 in commissions. Every year RPAC works to maintain this tool for increasing homeownership.

To reduce your liability

Bills are constantly being proposed that would increase your risk of being sued. RPAC defeats bills that would hold REALTORS® responsible for mold, meth and other contamination issues.