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Become a Delegate

Why Become a Delegate?

As a representative of your voting precinct to your political party’s state or county convention, you are one of a few thousand people who determine which candidates get a shot at being Utah’s federal and state leaders. State delegates vote for statewide and federal candidates, while county delegates vote for state legislators, county-elected officials and county officers. You can serve as both a state delegate and as a county delegate.

Each election year, the Utah Association of REALTORS® encourages you to become a county delegate, state delegate or both. As a delegate, you will be able to select candidates who support private property rights and free enterprise principles, and who oppose the imposition of transfer taxes on real estate and sales taxes on REALTOR® commissions.

Being elected a state or county delegate is easy if you follow the procedure outlined below.

Five Steps to Becoming a Delegate

Being elected a delegate is easier than you might think. Just attend your neighborhood caucus on the specified date and follow these five simple steps for your best chance at becoming your precinct’s county or state convention delegate.

1. Determine your voting precinct number and caucus location.

Contact your county clerk or elections office or call your county party officers to find your precinct and caucus location. Some precinct caucus locations will also be posted on the Utah Democratic Party’s Web site, www.utdemocrats.org, and on the Utah Republican Party’s Web site, www.utgop.org. Caucus location information may even appear in major newspapers a few days before the caucuses.

2. Bring 10-20 people to the caucus to vote for you.

This is key! Obtain a precinct boundary map (often available online) or a list of registered voters from the country clerk or elections office and call people you know. Tell them you will be running for a delegate position and ask for their support. Make sure they know the caucus time and location.

3. Arrive 10 minutes early.

Introduce yourself to neighbors you may not already know, tell people you are interested in being a delegate, and ask precinct residents for their support.

4. Have someone nominate you.

After initial party business, delegates for the county and state conventions will be selected. When nominations are open, have a friend or spouse nominate you.

5. Be prepared to briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are running.

State your name, where you live and that you support the party platform. You may add some positive criteria by which you evaluate candidates, e.g., integrity, leadership, experience or fiscal responsibility. However, keep it brief and don’t endorse specific candidates or take issue positions as you may jeopardize your support. Smile, make eye contact, and good luck!

Delegate Requirements

To be a delegate at your county convention or at the statewide partisan conventions, you must first attend your party’s voting precinct caucus in March, be 18 years old and live in the precinct you will represent. To vote or run for a Republican delegate position, you must be a registered Republican.

Neighborhood Caucuses

The neighborhood caucuses, where delegates will be elected, generally take place in March. These are usually held at your neighborhood’s public school or at your voting precinct officer’s home.

To find your voting precinct, contact your county clerk.

To find your caucus location, contact your political party.

Utah State Democratic Party
(801) 328-1212

Utah State Republican Party
(801) 533-9777

Find your Legislator

Use the district maps on the Utah State Senate Web site to search for your state representative and senator.