UAR releases four new forms

Appraisal Addendum to the REPC – This widely requested new form allows a buyer to pay a specified dollar amount above the appraised value of the property without modifying the REPC purchase price. This is a great way for buyers to strengthen their offer, while still keeping intact some buyer cancellation protections.
Real Estate Brokerage Commissions-Escrow Instructions – This new form allows a Listing Brokerage and a Buyer’s Brokerage to mutually create or modify compensation between the Brokerages and instructs the escrow/closing office on how to disburse the Buyer’s Brokerage real estate commissions.
Referral Agreement (Broker to Broker) – This new form is a referral agreement between two brokerages. This would be used when one brokerage refers a prospective client to another brokerage and outlines, among other things, the type of real estate transactions that apply to the referral, compensation for the referral, and the number of real estate transactions the referral agreement covers.
For Sale By Owner Commission Agreement & Agency Disclosure Addendum – This new form is simply a blank addendum to our For Sale By Owner Commission Agreement and allows the Seller and the Buyer’s Brokerage to modify the contents of that agreement.