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Tuesday’s Realtor® Legal Tip – Is your advertising on social media compliant with state rules?

July 25, 2017

Author: Curtis Bullock

To avoid running into a problem with the Division of Real Estate be sure to know these simple rules on advertising.

As a licensed broker, agent or if you are on a real estate Team, any advertising you do should comply with Utah Admin Rule 162-2f-401h.  Here are 3 quick things to know:

1) Conspicuously identify in the advertisement the name of the brokerage that you are affiliated with.

2) If you aren’t easily able to identify your brokerage name in an electronic ad, put a link in the ad that clearly identifies the name of the brokerage.

3) Teams have the same requirements as an individual broker or agent. The idea here is to make sure the public isn’t lead to believe the Team is a brokerage.

The purpose of this rule is to make sure the public knows that they are dealing with a licensed broker or agent.


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