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Realtor Legal Tip – New Forms Update!

July 25, 2018

Author: Curtis Bullock

Have you ever sold a home or think you might sell a home that has solar panels on the roof? If so then you will need to be familiar with the new UAR (1) Solar Panel addendum to the REPC, and (2) the updated Seller Property Condition disclosure form.

The Solar Panel addendum to the REPC is very simple and should be used in situations where the solar panels are being included in the sale of a home. The SPCD disclosure form has been updated to include more information about the solar panel system so buyers know what they are getting. Sellers will need to accurately fill this new section out.

Solar panels are going to continue to become more and more common so check out these new forms on the UAR website today and watch for them to be made available on your local MLS in the coming days.


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