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Realtor® Legal Tip – Do you use the Multiple Offer Disclosure form with your sellers?

Author: Curtis Bullock

In this market we are all seeing a lot of multiple offer situations. How should the listing agent handle it? Who decides? Is there only 1 way to handle multiple offers?

As a listing agent one of your best tools is to use the Multiple Offer Disclosure form with your sellers. Review this form in detail with them and go over the 3 different options the seller could pick should they receive multiple offers. There are pros and cons to each approach and there isn’t a one size fits all for everyone and there certainly isn’t one “right” way to handle multiple offers. The MO Disclosure form goes over all this stuff and helps educate the seller. Ultimately the seller decides how to handle multiple offers but you will need to be there to help give them expert advice. This is one of the reasons our customers need our help in this challenging market.

Check out the Multiple Offer Disclosure form if you haven’t and up your level of professionalism when representing the seller.


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