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Division Of Real Estate Newsletter – Second Quarter 2018

January 1, 2018


New Agent Course Requirement (Other) – Page 7 briefly mentions a required CE for all newly licensed agents before they can begin practicing. It is designed to emphasize important documents like the REPC and help the agents transition from classes to practicing.

“Currently sixteen educational providers offer this New Agent Course. They can be found by accessing the Division’s education course search button on the Division’s real estate tab at: Then type in: “Real Estate,” then select “New Agent” in the Course Type box.”

Property Management Short-Term and Vacation Rentals (Ethics/Other) – Page 8’s article quotes a few rules in outlining how property management is defined, licensing required in property management, exceptions to the rule, etc. R-162-2f-202(d); R-162-2f-401a(2)(d)(e), (6)(c) (10)(a)(b), (11)(a)(b) R-162-2f-401b(12)(b); R-162-2f401(j); and R-162-2f-403(c); 61-2f-102(22) and (24); 61-2f-202(1)(a); 61-2f-206(7).

Kagie’s Korner – Brokerage Name in All Advertisements (Advertising) – On page 9, this article talks about how many ads posted by licensees that come up on websites like KSL classifieds and craigslist fail to name the listing brokerage behind the property and that this is a violation of rules because all advertisements must name the brokerage the licensee is affiliated with. Quotes rules R162-2f-401h(1) and R162-2f-401h(4).

*How to file a complaint? (Page 20)


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