Utah Association of Realtors releases tips to help home buyers and sellers during “Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive

SANDY — The Utah Association of Realtors is releasing tips to help guide people who need to buy and sell their homes during the “Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive issued by Governor Gary Herbert.

The Association has been actively identifying and implementing best practices to keep the public and Realtors safe while helping to streamline the home buying and selling process.

“Utah Realtors are committed to working in the safest and most efficient ways possible to provide home buying and selling services, which are essential for the basic needs of many Utahns,” said Dave Robison, president of the Utah Association of Realtors. “We want home buyers and sellers to know how they can best work with us and how we can help to protect them and their interests during this uncertain time.”

The following are Top 5 Tips for Navigating Real Estate Transactions Amid COVID-19:


  1. Start by viewing houses virtually (virtual open houses, 360-degree tours, virtual chats with agents, etc.).
  2. Limit in-person showings and never go to a showing if you have any signs of illness.
  3. Follow social distancing best practices during showings: Only bring decision-makers, avoid bringing children, refrain from touching anything, keep six feet between people, sanitize your hands before and after entering a home, and drive in a car separate from your Realtor.
  4. Work with your Realtor to submit offers and paperwork using electronic documents.
  5. Work with your Realtor to navigate any unexpected changes or delays during the process, e.g., extending deadlines through the COVID-19 Addendum, etc.


  1. Ask your Realtor to conduct a virtual listing presentation before putting your home on the market.
  2. Work with your Realtor to create a virtual tour of your house.
  3. Let your Realtor know if you or members of your family experience any signs of illness while your property is on the market.
  4. Turn on all lights and open all doors before a buyer visits your home, and sanitize all commonly used surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, faucets, etc.) after a showing.
  5. Work with your Realtor to navigate any unforeseen changes or delays, especially as a result of COVID-19, during the transaction.

Additionally, the Utah Association of Realtors has provided its members with Top 5 Tips for Keeping Clients Safe Amid COVID-19:


  1. Encourage buyers and sellers to use virtual home showing tools and electronic documents.
  2. Ask all buyers and sellers if they are healthy before showings.
  3. Follow social distancing best practices during showings: Don’t carpool, ask buyers to drive themselves to showings, limit the number of people in a house at one time, and make sure there’s always six feet between people at any showing.
  4. Instruct clients to never touch anything in the house and to ask you to assist if it is necessary to open a door or another item. Make sure to use gloves or sanitizing wipes. Make sure the seller is OK with any disinfectants or cleaning supplies you use.
  5. Educate buyers and sellers about the possibility of unforeseen delays during the transaction. Help them navigate the paperwork to prepare for these unanticipated circumstances.