Apply for a Grant

How to Apply

If you know of an organization that supports the development of affordable housing opportunities for low-income individuals and families, we invite you to complete our grant application form.

Download the Grant Application Form

The UARHOF Trustees will review each application and decide which programs to fund.  


Participants who may receive direct assistance from the Utah Association of REALTORS® Housing Opportunity Fund are nonprofit organizations who have received a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service qualifying the organization under Section 501(c)3 of the federal tax code. 

The UARHOF Trustees also ensures compliance with the guidelines established by the IRS, the Utah Real Estate Commission and the Division of Real Estate.

In reviewing applications, the UARHOF Trustees will consider:

  1. Extent of public and private contributions to the proposed project
  2. Interim and/or permanent financing firm commitments
  3. Efforts to involve the surrounding community in addressing their concerns and/or needs
  4. Any  "in-kind" services being used on the project and if the value of these services is reasonable
  5. Efforts made to access resources of other organizations
  6. Economic viability of the project
  7. Completed feasibility and/or marketing study    
  8. Services other than housing provided to the households served by the project
  9. Restrictions or covenants existing to ensure that housing made available under this program will continue to serve the needs of the targeted income group
  10. Experience level of the applicant and resources to see the project through to completion
  11. The role of management responsible for the project once completed